Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mesius Leitner Box V1.0.0


Often it takes you lots and lots of time and energy to organize your memory and manage your learning system besides without a systematic approach for memorizing you always have to worry about forgetting previous studies.
Mesius Leitner Box is a very simple and comprehensive software which can help you memorizing things based on Leitner method . It can be used to classify, organize, study and finally memorize any large database such as a course formulas or any language vocabulary and specially those databases which grow and get larger any minute.

The basic idea is to devise a method to study only elements which are necessary to be studied daily and nothing more therefore you spend just a little time daily and nothing will be lost and forgotten.
So you just have to add elements into your own database and the software will keep it, preserve it, put it in the right place and ask it as a question when it is necessary.

 click on the photo to see it in the main size

How does it work exactly?

suppose you have 10 positions for cards.these positions is defined based on your dominance over each. for example you are expert at the cards in the position 10 but cards in the position 1 is unknown to you. and also some positions are labeled as Ask Station.
the main theorem is that each time you attempt to study the cards all cards is upgraded to the next position except for the cards in the ask stations. they will upgrade only if you pass the question about them and else they will be sent to the first position which is the lowest dominance position.
the Leitner method claims that those cards which come out of the last position successfully is stuck in your mind and won't be forgotten easily.
 In the Mesius Leitner Box you have 31 positions (Units) for the cards which are divided into 5 boxes. Ask Stations are the last unit of each box. And there is also an archive at the end of the sequence for saving the learned cards.

I've made it free to study your database as many times as you want in a day but the standard method strongly recommends only 1 time a day.
Again I didn't restrict the number of cards you can add each day to your database but the standard is not to add more than 25 cards a day.

main features :

  • Simple and comprehensive
  • You can have several databases and declare one as your default (the default one will load when you run the software)
  • You can explore your database directly, see cards, remove them, edit them and change their positions
  • You can study N times a day and can add M cards to your database each day (N = 1 and M not more than 25 is strongly recommended)
  • You can choose "back" or "front" side of the card to be asked or a random side.
  • you can review (study) your learned card archive any time you want ( i recommend to do it every so often. every 3 month for example)